12-26-20 Dream of 3 blindnesses or cripplings coming to America

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241 am I woke from a God-dream:  3 cripplings or blindnesses are coming.  Then I got a cramp in my left buttocks and I had to press on the muscle spasm and walk to the bathroom and back before it was gone.  Back to bed!


I dreamed that Trump will surprise people because they secretly watermarked the ballots to know if the Chinese printed them.  I used to collect stamps that the government watermarked because of fraud way back then. I was told this was one of the blindnesses.


I just read this today after my dream this morning!  I had never heard this before, but that is what God told me that “many have been blinded to” – He didn’t say if that was good or bad, just that it was a fact.  Sounds like it’s good for Patriots but bad for China and the Dems working for them.  I hope DNI Ratcliff will reveal this on 1/5 to Congress publicly for all media to see!


The News today:  “Watermarked Ballots CONFIRMED In Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit” and “Remember, DHS printed the ballots and they have radioactive isotopes and watermarks and other identifiers. This isn’t advertised broadly, but the info was out there.  Ballots printed by other parties or foreign countries won’t pass muster when challenged in court.”


I was so tired that I couldn’t remember the other 2 blindnesses or cripplings.




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