12-22-20 Rotten soil thrown out and Fix leaky pipes, Expose talkers, Get living water

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In this dream, I saw that many plants in an area of my large yard-gardens were looking sickly and I also smelled rotting water.  So I started walking around looking for standing water.  Sure enough, in 2 remote locations up against 2 walls I saw standing water with green mold and it stunk to high heaven!  As I even walked near these areas the ground gave in and I started sinking.  Evidently my water system had been leaking in these hidden areas for who knows how long.  The fresh, running water wasn’t getting its life to where it was designed to go – it was ‘stolen’ from the rightful owners and diverted to hidden places.


Instead of giving life it was causing destruction of the ground area, and the rot & mold was causing death in that surrounding area.  The only solution was to get dirty and shovel out the bad soil with its rot & mold, which is ruined soil so it will have to be taken to the dump.  And I have to repair the leaks most likely by replacing sections of pipe with new couplers and re-soldering or gluing them in.  It’s a big, disruptive job that will take some time but there is no quick fix and it can’t be ignored any longer – the dangers were upon me!  There was a pretty girl watching me dig, pretending to be someone who wanted to help.  I asked her name and as we were talking I suspected she was lying to me, so I asked again who she was and she mispronounced the name she originally gave me.  As I started to probe her story, I could tell she knew I was “on to her,” so she came up with a reason she had to go, and she soon left.


I asked the Lord what all this means.  Yesterday He revealed to me the church is at fault for the growing evil because when it forsook its first love and failed to repent (re-turn) to the ‘first things” that lovers do together to rekindle that love, then the church would lose its light and saltiness and be thrown out into worldliness where it would be trampled by men and thrown into fiery trials. Corruption brings trials!


There are many’ wolves in sheep’s clothing’ within many big churches where there is a lot of big money and big connections to big politics and big media where there is even more big money, and the biggest source of money on the planet right now is no doubt China and then Russia.  Both are hacking our networks daily now and we are on DEFCON 3 ALERT.  They have infiltrated every country with their corruption and agenda.  We are finding many politicians in the CCP database we hacked into.  But they have names from every big institution where there is big money and big influence, including big churches. These ‘wolves’ have deceived many, like Judas helping themselves regularly to the church money bag.  They really aren’t interested in using the money saved from not anointing Jesus head with expensive perfumed oil, using that money to help many poor people & widows, but they lie that they are trying to be helpful, lie about who they really are, like that woman in my dream.  Virtue signaling everywhere!  Many are on the CCP payrolls!  They are part of the Deep State gathering intel to relay on to their bosses, to be used against the USA later when they invade and take control. The ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ pretend to bring life, but they bring death. They need to be exposed!


The “living water” (Holy Spirit) hasn’t been getting to all the plants as intended but diverted off.  I suspect in the remote areas, near our border walls with other countries, the pipes were actual sabotaged long ago by many infiltrating ‘wolves.’  The NT talks about spies among us, pretending to be brothers IN the church but once detected or the trials come, then they leave because they were really never one of us.  Jesus said many are called, but few are chosen.  Many false prophets, preachers, teachers, and messiahs come – all these are talkers but not walkers!  All these are church leaders but not servants, even slaves, as Jesus called us ALL to be, following His example.  Look for the corruption in leadership, because ‘the fish stinks from the head down” – the stinky, rotting, stagnant water!  Look where all the resources of the church are collected in ‘1 or 2 places’ – follow the money trail!  “Money is the root of ALL evil,” the NT says!


Trump, the Patriots, and true Christians will have to expose the fakers, dig up all this rotting corruption, throw it all away, and put new pipes and joints in to fix the real problems near our borders.  We know that China has been using Canada and Mexico to physically enter the US and Russia.  N. Korea, Iran, China are hacking our internet networks, the Pentegon, corporations, schools, banks, etc. – it’s all over the news now!   We must cut this off now!


But most importantly we must get the “living water” (Holy Spirit) back flowing to all the plants in the garden.  Without the life of Christ the Church can not produce ANY fruit (John 15)!  Without true fellowship with Christ (not just talking to Christ) in the light we will NOT be holy and we will NOT have any light to dispel the darkness by.  WE will have NO saltiness to keep food from rotting!  This world will “go to hell in a hand basket” really quick now.  USA is backed into a corner, surrounded by evil darkness, up against the Red Sea and the destroying army is upon us – our coasts have all our fleets now guarding them. Did you even know that?  Do you know that Russian & Chinese fleets are positioning themselves?  Has your media lied to you about that and you believe them while other media around the world is taking pictures of these fleets?  Wake up and smell the coffee!


Now is the time to wake up, be accurately informed, and invoke the Holy Spirit to once again flow, un-diverted, to the Body of Christ in this USA and world!  God bless America!  GOD bless the USA!




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