12-21-20 The Lord answers How did America get into this Mess?

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I have been asking the Lord how we ended up in all this election-fraud mess, and why such drastic measures will now have to be taken to clean out our closets of such evil, and I’ve been getting this message for weeks. The U.S. is in this mess because evil has been allowed to grow, and of course I said, “How can you prevent evil from growing?”  The Lord tells me that “It’s really the church’s fault, His people’s fault,” but He doesn’t say that in an accusing fashion but said, “I called them to repent long ago.”  I said,  “Repent of what?  There’s a lot of sins to repent of!”  He said, “I told them long ago to not forsake their first love, and to repent and to do the things they did at first when they were in love with Me.”


Now I’ve heard that bible verse before just as you have, and so we think in our heads, that this means more bible study, more evangelism, more missions, and more good works that the church’s tells us to do.  Well, every commentary, every Greek scholar of that passage, will tell you that passage means something else.  But the Lord has also told many of His people exactly what that passage is all about.  It’s rather quite simple:  When we first fall in love with someone, the things we do at first are just natural to a love relationship – we just want to spend time with them, we want to just be with them, we want to listen to them speak to us, we love the sound of their voice, we love laughing together, we just love being in the company of each other, we love holding hands together, we love love, we love just doing the simplest things together whether that’s a walk in the park or looking at a sunset.


Those are “the first things that we are to return to,” and that’s what the word “repent” essentially means in Greek – it means to return, to turn back. They are not acts of “penance” that the Catholic church and even the Protestant church has come up with. They are not works of righteousness that make us feel better about ourselves, making us feel better about our relationship with God.  These are all elements left over from “the Law of sin and death.”  So the Lord is telling many of us that what He’s returning us back to, “The Great Reset” is our first love, because we would not heed His calls in the church to repent to return in mass as His Body-of-Christ to “the simplicity of devotion to Jesus Christ,” even though the New Testament says it thousands of times.


It really is that simple:  He’s returning us back to a genuine relationship through waiting, watching, listening, proseuche conversational-prayer, which is wholly different than supplication (deesis), because the former is a conversation of an intimate relationship, but the latter can be just a monologue, giving God our honey-do-list.  The latter is an element of every religion, but few enter into the former. That has been the exact problem that brought about and allowed the evil to come into the United States.  We did not repent and go back to our first love and the things that lovers do at first, and that is to be in the company of each other on a regular basis.  We went off and did our own thing, lived separate lives, showed up in church, went through our little church-ianity.


But that meant we were not being transformed into His likeness from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18) which comes from the Holy Spirit, because only the Spirit of Christ can bring holiness.  And so our light was hidden under a bowl, hidden behind church doors, and soon our salt was no longer salty, and so it was thrown out onto the road and into the fields, for men of this world to trample on.  When we disconnected from the vine of Christ, we were no longer bearing fruit, and those branches fell onto the ground for men to trample on, and for men to pick up and throw into the fiery trials that have come upon us.


But even if we are unfaithful God is still faithful, he made covenant promises to those pilgrims, those Quakers, those Shakers, those Puritans who came to America to fervently worship God and He is going to fulfill those promises!  So He is going to purge evil out of our land and return his people to their first love to pray and worship Him.  Praise the Lord!




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