1-22-21 Dream that Hamm radios on VA buildings involved in EBS that British will get first

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In my dream I saw “HAMM on VA” and “EBS to British first.”  Then I saw a power meter with the needle wiggling as I was it looking for center.


I remember around Nov 7th hearing 4 military analysts tracking 10x the regular flights to Gitmo prison and other off-shore interrogation black-op sites, in & out of Democrat states too.  One guy was reading an email he gets from a military commander Patriot he is in contact with wondering why the Trump Amin makes this huge purchase of HAMM radios and tasks his unit to install them on all the VA buildings.  It made no sense to him why they would need super-high powered radios that can broadcast to the poles, even into other countries, with a military jamming capability. Talk about upgrading military communications!  These are so powerful they can blackout all TV & radio signals and usurp their signal and broadcast on their devices without their compliance if required.  So the analysts were thinking this had something to do with upgrading the Emergency Broadcasting System, but for what, because this was done a year or so before the election. Was the Trump Alliance already planning something based on Intel?  My phone displayed long EBS messages 2 days in a row in Dec. And just days ago it first buzzed for long time. Then 10 min later rang for long time. But nothing! My friend’s TV did an EBS test, but others got nothing.  Weird!


Why are the British intel guys getting the Intel dump exposing all to the world first?  A lot of intel analysts there are watching the fraud here very carefully.  Maybe Trump Alliance involves British?


Posting this not on 3/2/21, I’m wondering why the Trump Alliance and military didn’t execute the plan?  Did they see too much collateral damage?  What there a division?  Are they seeing a better long-term strategy because they have waited so long as it is?




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