12-19-20 3 Dreams of God’s increased security over evil men and machines and Bunker safety for His people

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Wow, 3 God-dreams in 1 night:


Dream #1:  I saw a room full of men and women at a long table where government business was going on. There was a shady character with black hair that was going on and on about his position and his belief that he was doing the right thing and he believed in his policies “for the good of the people,” even though it was obvious that he was working in his own self-interest and that he was working for special interests.  He was also complaining that now the room had security cameras all over it and one was pointed right at him.  He would smile at it and say I don’t appreciate you watching me so closely because I have nothing to hide.  We all knew he was a liar and that’s why we had cameras on them, and so things have radically changed from the way they were before, where these ‘bad actors’ thought they were not being watched and could get away with anything.  Well that’s all about to change because these liars have been exposed and now they are the exception to the rule, as this meeting was clear that there was now only one of them and he was being watched like a hawk.  I asked the Lord if this would be good to share since the details are still fresh in my mind – they haven’t been removed like they were yesterday – so I’m feeling that this is a great encouragement to myself and to others. Things are about to radically change for the good.


Dream #2:  Once the following events started happening they continued all the way up until I woke up.  I could feel myself being moved.  I could feel the motion, but it wasn’t away from me but it was toward me, deep with inside me.  I’ve had this motion explained to me in a past dream where the Lord told me that the place of safety and protection and peace and rest was not ‘somewhere out there’ that I had to run to as I had first interpreted a previous vision about the Massive Rock Fortress of Solitude.  Later I was told the place to ‘run to’ was actually within me where the Holy Spirit dwelt. This was where Christ dwells and he is The Rock.  So in the time of need, in the time of temptation, or in the time of danger, I was told to run to this Rock Fortress and I would be safe, and this is within me.  At that time, I felt that motion toward myself and within myself, and so I understood from that point on what He was talking about.  Now in this dream the same motion began, and this time it took me into a bunker that was well protected, with very thick walls, like an underground bombshell bunker.  When I got into there instantly everything got very quiet, which I’ve also experienced inside the sea-cave that was inside this Massive Rock Fortress where the outside sounds disappeared.  That’s what happened in the bunker now and I knew I was completely safe from the impending danger that was upon us.  I absolutely had no worries there!  I felt a real stillness there, a great sense of peace.  I wanted to stay there, but I was moving around in my bed and it kind of agitated me and I soon slipped out of it.  But then not too long after that, I went right back into that safe bunker. This same in-and-out experience occurred right up until I got up from bed.  So the message is that His people are going to be pulled into this place of safety, this place of conversational-prayer is what I was told, not a prayer of talking as we usually think it is that the bible calls supplication (deesis), but a place of communion or intimate koinonia fellowship, of quietness and stillness, of just being with the Lord to genuinely, experientially, relationally epiginosko know Him through what the bible calls proseuche conversational-prayer.  We don’t have to work to get to this place, it’s actually a place of rest where we stopped working.  And the Lord is actually moving us, that is his people, in mass, into these bomb shelters.  So watch and listen for that to happen, and just praise the Lord that He is moving us to a place of safety, because of the dangers that are upon us.


Dream #3:  Do you remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the Terminator movies was captured by the Patriots and reprogrammed to infiltrate the terminator Skynet Network to help the patriots destroy the whole Dominion?  I had long forgotten this movie, but God did not.  In my dream the Patriots had captured one (Arnold) of these Terminators that were sent out to destroy them, a machine to do the work of many men, not inherently evil machines but evil men who programmed the machines to be evil.  Well the Patriots took control of that machine and I saw that machine marching back to its lair of evil, and it walked right past the other sentry machines, with great confidence and boldness and sense of mission, and the other machines were just a little puzzled as they let him walk by.  However, He must have had some kind of effect on them as he brushed shoulders with them.  He almost knock them down like a bowling ball crashing through a bunch of pins.  He must have somehow rubbed off on them, because after they looked puzzled, it’s like some of their programming must have been changed, because now these machines were following this completely reprogrammed Terminator!  So it looks like the machines that were meant for great harm that have been captured by the Patriots, are now going to be used against the enemy that originally programmed these machines to do great harm.  And these re-programmed machines as a pack and grow into an unstoppable force, so that the very evil that was intended against God’s people and his Patriots will be turned into an incredible force of good, turned against the evil men who originally made them.  This sounds so much like the battles the Lord fought for Israel, where the enemy actually started fighting against itself, so that the Patriots were able to easily defeat the army of evil.  Now I’ve heard rumors that originally only one machine was seized by the U.S. Patriots and it was the dissected by forensic scientists to find out how it worked, and that this knowledge had been used in some court(s) against the evil people who designed it to steal our election.  But as I understand that because of this, other machines will be seized as well, and more independent forensic crime specialist audits will be conducted and presented to the US Supreme Court in various court cases.  I understand that some states have already withdrawn their electors in cases presented to the SCOTUS.  I suspect that other states are going to review this material and also join in with this growing Army of reprogrammed terminators.  Well I found this to also be a very encouraging dream that what was meant for evil will be used against the enemy who created such evil.


As I post this on 3/2/2021, I am humbled that God thinks so much more long-term than we do.  I was so sure all these things were coming up in January of next year, but evidently God is thinking further out and likely much bigger than just our election integrity though even the Republicans have the sense to see that without integrity restored and voter confidence restored, there will never be any need to vote as every election will be rigged!




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